What you can expect
Our goal is simple...we want to work together with you as one of your trusted advisors to assure
you have comprehensive coverage at a competitive price.  It's what you deserve...it's what we

We will:

       Analyze your current program through interviews and policy review
       Identify possible coverage gaps
       Tailor an insurance program specifically for your current situation
       Identify a company or companies for your program
       Discuss the program in detail to assure you understand the coverages
       Assure that you are completely satisfied with your decision

Our service does not end after you have signed up for our program.

We continually:

       Monitor the insurance market to assure your program is placed with the       
                   appropriate carrier
       Review your policies to ensure they are accurate and up to date
       Communicate directly with you to let you know of new or enhanced coverages  
       Should a claim arise...we'll walk you through it.
It's what you deserve...it's what we provide
McCord Insurance Agency
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